The second Scenic Routes pilot competition for two sites in the Cairngorm National Park and two sites beside the Caledonian Canal was launched on 27 March 2014. More information about the competition can be found here.

The site we choose was the layby at Corgraff. Our first reactive sketches upon viewing the site was to emphasise the expansive views which surround the area. The basis of our concept was to provide viewing platforms that both follow and rise above the landscape to frame the standing stone and its specific views while also offering 360 views to the surrounding Scottish landscape.

A level walkway extends from the upper corner of the layby and projects over the standing stone providing some shelter to the plinth below. Defining the edge and providing sheltered space for travellers to stop and enjoy the view was also important.

The upper walkway has been designed to offer previously unavailable views of the landscape and visitors approaching from South of the site will observe that it sits within the silhouette of the Cairngorms behind.

The project will seek to collaborate with Scottish industries and professionals wherever possible to promote local businesses, reduce construction costs and enhance the appropriateness of the design for a Scottish environment.


Status : Unawarded