introducing Notio Studio / by Joanne Potter

Notio Studio an exciting, innovative new design practice comprised of contemporary thinkers who specialise in the design and construction of low energy, thermally efficient buildings

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Notio Studio was formed as a result of observing the changes that are taking place within the construction sector, primarily the housing industry. We are seeing demand for a home that has minimal running costs as fuel and utility prices gradually increase each year. We have a determination and drive to ensure the success of this enterprise as we can deliver a better quality, longer lasting, product and design service to the market at competitive rates.  

The founding members of this company have a passion and an ambition to introduce architecturally relevant and contextually responsive buildings to the Scottish environment and beyond. Collectively we have spent the majority of the last 8 years working towards the field of architecture, all three members graduated from the University of Dundee's Masters of Architecture course with Distinction. In our final year we took the opportunity to focus our field towards low energy design and as a result we were able to take part in the design and build of an energy autonomous, Passivhaus standard, self-built studio space at the University of Dundee's Botanic Gardens.This project, the macromicro studio, was the catalyst that sparked the formation of Notio Studio. During this period our learning increased exponentially, we were afforded opportunities to work with leading industry professionals and consultants, undertook the detail design, procurement and also were primarily responsible for the majority of the construction of this small building. 

Notio Studio's current business model is to offer a design service ranging from small 
extensions, renovations, and alterations to complete new builds. We also intend to offer 
a kit home product to the market in the near future. Our design service will be catered 
towards clients wishing to build or improve their own home and the kit home is geared towards first time buyers, housing associations and those wishing to downsize.

We at Notio Studio will provide an architectural design service through a staged design process; whereby the client can choose at what level they would prefer our services to continue or end. This could be to provide works only to planning permission and building warrant stages and the construction carried out without our input or to continue our involvement in the project as consultants through to completion and signing off. Each stage completion will necessitate a percentage of our final fee in order to continue the works. 

We aim to deliver to the market a timber frame kit home that surpasses future government regulations in regard to building fabric performance, carbon emissions and helps to mitigate against fuel poverty.

Within our design service we feel that the following are our unique selling points; 

  • We will offer a bespoke, tailored, design service that delivers to our client a home that performs best technically and architecturally for them. 
  • Individual energy modelling and prediction based on a framework established from extensive research in to energy use on average in the home will allow us to deliver a system to the user that is sized, shaped and scaled to the client’s needs in an effort to save them money and make the running of their home as efficient as possible. 
  • Alongside the energy modelling and prediction we will deliver a financial forecasting document based on predicted savings both in terms of energy costs mitigated, by reducing demand, and by money earned through incentives like the feed-in tariff. This document may make it easier for potential clients to obtain finance required to undertake the construction of our designs (Ecological Building Society) and may ease any concerns about initial increase in the material cost of the build. 
  • We aim to ensure that our designs meet our, and our clients, standards from start to finish by offering a comprehensive detail and construction management structure. We will be engaging with clients, tradesman, and contractors to continue to fine tune the detailing and construction of our designs. This approach to management will be a reassuring addition to services offered by traditional design practices and ensure that our designs achieve the targets set in terms of energy and financial predictions. 
  • Our designs will surpass current and future regulations as well as local and EU targets. In this way we aim to future proof the homes we deliver to the market for at least 25 years, the length of an average mortgage.