At Notio Studio we focus on designing homes that are contextually appropriate, affordable, architecturally innovative and are fit for an energy efficient future. We believe that by producing homes that have a low energy demand and high performance fabric design, we can save our clients money in the long run by combating increasing fuel prices and utility bills.

Our design service spans from inception through to completion. The service is divided into concise stages of work from feasibility through to completion.


Extensions and Refurbishment

No job is too small, even small changes can have a big impact! Home extension, refurbishment or improvement is an excellent opportunity for you to improve upon the home you love.



Bespoke Home Design

Constructing your own home is a very exciting venture, and we will help you realise your goal. As your project progresses through the Notio stages of work we will ensure that the end design is a result of constant communication with you. It is your home and will be unique to you and so we value your input highly.

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Conception to Completion

Our aim is to see each project we undertaken from conception to completion, through each stage of work, to the high standard that we expect. We will work with you through the design process and act on your behalf during construction to ensure our high quality is continued throughout the process